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It all started with a dream to build a place welcoming to all, serving food like mommas cooking to keep you coming back for more.


We started construction January 2016.  We opened Good Friday.



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Management Staff

Bryan Bevel - The Pitch Pizza Owner

Bryan Bevel - Owner

Bryan’s journey to opening the Pitch Pizza & Pub has been long and varied and not necessarily food centric.  Food has always been an important interest in his life, just not the way he made his living until 6 years ago. Rugby and beer were the other important factors in the life altering choices that Bryan and his wife Tracy undertook in the fall of 2011.  Bryan became an owner and the managing partner in the iconic downtown Springfield Brewing Company.  This opportunity and the experiences that followed while leading the Brewco only served to awaken the “foodie” in Bryan and his desire to continue to explore and create “solid” dishes.

                  Coffee ironically and not beer was at the center of Bryan coming up with the idea for the Pitch while visiting with friends at Panera in the Southern Hills shopping Center.  The idea to convert the space to the Pitch Pizza & Pub was actually the answer to a question by a friend, “you know rugby and beer really well, what kind of food pairs with those”?   Come to find out it is pizza, pasta and much more that they are making from scratch.

                  Bryan and his father Robert did the lion’s share of destruction and construction of the Pitch along with family friends.  The infill was born from his rugby travels and adventures that Bryan thought would go with the comfort food dishes that we are preparing.  The bar itself was born from the years that Bryan spent in the local construction trade, and the need for it to with stand the destructive tendencies of his rugby brethren .

                  Bryan has surrounded himself with a team of bright, talented and energetic managers that make him successful everyday.

Abby Zaapata - The Pitch Pizza and Pub General Manager

Abby Zapata – General Manager 

As General Manager Abby is in charge of overseeing several things at The Pitch, although she feels most at home in the kitchen. At 13 she began as a dishwasher and busser before applying as a line cook at a local restaurant. From there she worked her way up with the company’s expansion and was able to continue her kitchen career and training in Branson MO. After returning to Springfield she was introduced to Bryan Bevel and became a part of the management team at Springfield Brewing Company as a service manager. It wasn’t long however, before she found a home and a place in the kitchen there. After leaving Springfield Brewing Company she went back to work with Bevel to help in the opening, and menu development of The Pitch Pizza and Pub.

                  It is a known fact around the restaurant that she is incapable of handling eggs due to her incredibly clumsy nature. Despite this however, she has become quite the baker and has a lot of fun creating dessert specials for the restaurant (all of which are tested and approved by her two-year-old Charlie). Loud and fast she is hard to catch, easy to hear, and always ready with a bad joke. 

Thomas Williams-The Pitch Pitch Pizza and Pub Kitchen Manager

Thomas Williams – Kitchen Manager

Thomas has racked up over 15 years of experience in the restaurant industry. He began his career as a dishwasher at a local restaurant and was able to work his way up to kitchen manager in a short amount of time. From there he has been able to expand his kitchen knowledge by working in various parts of the country under 4 different chefs. His portfolio includes everything from a top rated coffee shop in Nashville TN, to working as a sous chef for a fine dining restaurant in St. Louis MO.

He believes that he has the palate and the passion to bring delicious and memorable food to Springfield, and we would have to agree! Throughout his career he has been able to prepare meals for several celebrities including musicians, actors, and politicians. However, he is responsible for cooking daily for his two toughest critics yet, his children. Two-year-old Ember and eight-year-old Cody make sure to keep him creative and on his toes!


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